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Actor Daniel Vladislaus Hausser is best known for playing Lautaro Abaroa in Imagination of Young (2015).

Daniel Hausser was born on April 26, 1999 to Hazel Adeline Rövira and Edieth Ovidio Wiemann in Bellflower, California. He has two older siblings, John and Kim, and he is an American actor of mostly German and Swedish ancestry, as well as little Catalan, Daniesh, French, and English Ancestry. He is fluent in English, and German. His birth name was Daniel Joseph Wiemann but was quicly changed to Daniel Ramirey Rövira. Rövira being his moms last name. Later on Daniel switched his name to Daniel Olsson, this last name came down the family line of his maternal grandmother. And in 2018 Daniel changed his name to Daniel Vladislaus Hausser. Vladislaus comnes from the movie Van Helsing which is his favorite movie. And the last name Hausser comes from his paternal Grandfather, going up the family tree to Daniels great great grandfather Paul Hausser.

The natural blonde began his acting career on April 18, 2014 when he attended his first acting audition and received a callback, his ice blue eyes captivated and gave him a unique look for the industry. But the way he looked was not what the roles he was auditioning for asked from Daniel, making him go tanning more, which caused him lots of acne, weekly dying his hair dark brown and wearing monthly honey contacts from the brand Desio from Italy. With the look set Daniel stared booking roles for films. Daniel then auditioned for Rob Lambert director and founder of Rimrock Pictures. Who later on gave Daniel his first small role in the short film "Los Ninos Sicarios" (2015).

Daniel started attending Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts on September 2014. In his journey at this High School, Daniel had the chance of winning fifth place for his performance in his scene on "Bang Bang Your Dead" at the category of Social Conscience at the DTASC Fall Festival. The school gave the actor amazing training for the course of a year.

Daniel then was cast by Joe Dain, Vincent Sabella, Nicholas Lanier, and Joe A. Molina as the starring lead Lautaro Abaroa in the Short Film "Imagination of Young" (2015 in which Daniel memorized a script in Spanish, a language he is not fluent on. He proceeded to earn two nominations from his performance as Lautaro for both Best Actor at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema opposite Lance Henriksen and at the Young Artist Awards.

Daniel was then cast by Devin Rice and Jacqueline Monique Corcos on the feature film "Being Black Enough" as Will (Young) by Devin Rice Productions. He was soon after cast as Flaco in the comedy pilot "Hard Time Harvey" directed by Michael Keller.

Later in Daniel got cast as Charlie in the upcoming feature film "Charlie Charlie" produced by Tony Mercedes. And soon after got offered the role of Lil Monster in the short film "If I Retaliate", for which he received another nomination at the Young Artist Awards.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Michael DePiro